Manav Vikas Kalyan Pratishthan

A wish to uplift the society, a will to work for the people, a passion for transformation, a dream of becoming the best in all aspects. Keeping this view in mind and this dream in eyes, an enthusiastic person, took an initiative and In the year 2007, date 16th march, DCA was started under the guidance of ‘Manav Vikas Kalyan Pratisthan’. MVKP is a NGO started by Mr. Kedar Rahane Sir which is setting a benchmark of evoking a light of hope for the better future in Aurangabad and near by areas.

The MVKP is working hard and smart for the actual growth and development of the society with some authentic motto. The list of objectives of MVKP is genuine and the work is actually appreciated by the citizens and the NGO is no doubt shining brighter day by day. The MVKP conducts various social activities in which various inspiring programs are arranged to make the people aware of the needs of the society and the factors related to development of the society.


Our Objectives

MVKP is a Public trust registered under the Bombay Pubic Trust Act, 1950. MVKP runs under few cafeterias and points to be followed. The MVKP is a Society which works for following objects:

  • To provide educational facilities for boys and Girls in urban and rural areas which includes all types of educational fields to the widows and wards of WAR HEROES. Same implies for the wards and he widows of farmers who committed suicides. The free education to them is a ray of hope in their life by MVKP.
  • To implement program for overall development of youth so that they build a sense of responsibility and build a strong positive character with integrity.
  • A special sports and health club has been built by the MVKP to run Yoga study center and Karate classes and encourage sports in each person.
  • Also, to provide clothes and shelter to the needy ones along with giving educational training to the eager and willing souls who cannot afford education.
  • To train cadets to serve the nation is one of the main task of MVKP who wishes to train the cadets to the core and make them the best so that they serve the nation wholeheartedly.
  • To create mass awareness about defenseless women and child.
  • MVKP strives hard in developing sports culture in the society so that the youth never lacks in sports.
  • To encourage survey and information, MVKP works with the conservation of historic monuments like to conserve Indian Art, Literature and culture, traditional folk, art, adivasi dance, regional art and development of the culture. To conserve art, music dance, drama etc.
  • A major tree plantation projects taken by MVKP with Army cadets.
  • To create social awareness about child Development.
  • MVKP also works with providing health facilities to the needy and poor people of Urban and rural areas.
  • To spread mass awareness about the field of Agriculture.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, etc on various important topics.
  • To give prizes, awards, medals, scholarships through the society for encouragement and propagation.

Activities of Manav Vikas Kalyan Pratishthan

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